Why 9NEWS’ Jeremy Jojola quit Twitter

Westword (Denver): Jeremy Jojola, a 9News investigative reporter known for his no-holds-barred approach to the sort of subjects many of his peers avoid, has been a frequent Twitter user for well over a decade. But on August 14, he left the social-media service with a single word: “Goodbye.”

The decision to bid farewell to the platform was a long time coming. “I’ve cultivated some great stories on it over the years,” Jojola acknowledges. “But looking back at my archives, my reporting is not dependent on Twitter. It’s a good place to share breaking news, but for me right now, it’s a poisonous place to be.”

In December 2019, we revealed that Jojola had received neo-Nazi threats connected to his stories on the activities of white supremacist groups. At the time, he pointed to a pair of tweets from Joshua Michael, who has been widely identified as a member of the alt-right organization known as the Proud Boys. Michael tweeted: “@jeremy jojola works at 9news and is a communist propaganda creator working against America dig into him go to his job go to his home go to his child’s daycare treat these traitors the way they treat us and we will take the fight out of their fingertips.”

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