Who’s paying for those political ads? Dark money is tough to track in Colorado

The Colorado Sun: It’s not easy to figure out who paid for a political TV ad or mailer in Colorado.

The presence of “dark money” — campaign cash that can’t be traced to its original source — is now a staple each election season. It’s particularly prevalent in the race for governor and battleground state Senate districts. And Colorado’s campaign finance laws allow it to happen.

“It’s been happening for the past decade,” said Caroline Fry, Colorado Common Cause outreach director. “Messages where you can directly tie the funding from those messages to real living, breathing human beings are just becoming a thing of the past.”

Here’s a look at some of the ways the limited disclosure is impacting the 2018 midterm elections.

The difficulty in tracking political money is not just the source but also how it is spent. The political interests that deliver campaign literature to your doorstep or mailbox isn’t always clear. In part, that’s because of a loophole in the state’s campaign finance laws.

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