Wet Mountain Tribune files federal lawsuit against Custer County Commissioners Bill Canda and Kevin Day

Wet Mountain Tribune: “Section 10 (the right of the people to freedom of speech and the right to write and publish whatever they desire on any subject)” was part of the Custer County’s Board of County Commissioners March 17, 2021 resolution titled “The Constitutional Preservation Resolution Designating Custer County to be a Constitutional Preservation County.”

While resolutions have no legal authority, the document was signed by all three commissioners after a speech by Chairman Bill Canda on the importance of the federal and state constitutions, and particularly on the protections of free speech from government interference.

However, Commissioner Bill Canda’s and Kevin Day’s commitment to free speech ended less than a year later on January 19, 2022 when they willfully and knowingly punished the Wet Mountain Tribune for writing and publishing stories they felt were critical of the BOCC.

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