Weld County commissioner notifies county of impending lawsuit over whistleblower violations

The Complete Colorado: Weld County Board of Commissioner Sean Conway notified the county on Dec. 2 that he intends to sue it, and also name the four other members of the board as individual defendants for violating Colorado Whistleblower protection laws.

In an exclusive interview only on Complete Colorado, Conway said since he blew the whistle on unethical and possibly illegal behavior by the other four members of the board, those four members, Barbara Kirkmeyer, Julie Cozad, Steve Moreno and Mike Freeman, have stripped Conway’s constituents of a representative by preventing him from serving as a Weld representative on any board, not assigning him a county department to oversee in 2017, and they stripped him of his role as chairman of the board for 2017.

None of the four named commissioners responded to a request from Complete Colorado for comment by press time. Complete Colorado will update the story at a later date if they respond.

Conway believes the retaliations may also be in violation of the Weld County Charter, and added that Kirkmeyer may find more charges against her as she continues to publicly slander Conway, most recently at December’s Weld County Council meeting.

“They continue to say I broke the public’s trust,” Conway said. “But they continue to ignore that what I did was not break the public’s trust. I exposed things that are going on at the county that are not only unethical, but borderline illegal. They continue not to address the real problems.”

Conway told Complete Colorado that he had hoped by exposing a small portion of what was going on the commissioners would stop their actions, but instead they’ve “doubled-down,” he said.

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