We may never know what else was said between the Denver mayor’s son and an Aurora cop

Denverite: Video published by Denver7 shows that Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver’s mayor, called a police officer a “bitch” and a “faggot” while threatening to get him fired during a traffic stop in Aurora this March.

But, for now, we won’t know what else was said in the encounter, and what may have prompted all that cursing, because the Aurora Police Department refuses to release the full video.

Jordan Hancock, 22, was pulled over in Aurora on the morning of March 23 and received a $250 speeding ticket, Denver7 reported.

“My dad’s the mayor,” he says in footage captured by an officer’s body-worn camera.

“Of Denver?” the officer replied. “Well, you’re in Aurora.”

“Guess what, I’m about to get you fired,” Jordan Hancock said. (I’m cutting out some swearing here.)

The officer did not break any department rules in the encounter, according to Aurora police. Jordan Hancock later agreed to pay the ticket, Denver7 reported.

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