Video of police behaving badly: New ACLU app to prevent cops from deleting it

From Westword (Denver): Last week, we told you that the ACLU of Colorado had agreed to defend Ryan and Benjamin Brown.

The brothers were pulled over by Colorado Springs police earlier this year and treated roughly even though the reason for the stop was ostensibly a cracked windshield.

Ryan was eventually charged with obstructing and resisting the officers, even though the ACLU believes a video he took of the incident shows him doing nothing of the sort. The clip is on view below.

But what if police had confiscated the phone, as happened to Jessica Benn during a protest of a police-custody death in Baltimore held in Denver late last month, or forced him to delete the video? The public might never have learned about this alleged example of racial profiling.

To prevent such a possibility, the ACLU is developing a new app that will prevent such images from disappearing by automatically uploading the file to the organization.

The concept has been gaining popularity over recent years, notes ACLU of Colorado communications director John Krieger.

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