Up to 55 injured skiers and snowboarders arrive at Colorado emergency rooms each day, analysis shows

The Colorado Sun: Chris Arnis was with his crew, carving spring snow on his home hill. It was a good Sunday for the lifelong skier.

It was a little shy of 4 p.m., March 15, 2015, when it happened. Arnis, a ski coach in Steamboat Springs, hit some deep ruts where a speed-controlling fence had just been pulled to prepare for snow grooming that evening. He lost a ski and flew face first into the flats on a run called Rainbow.

He’s been in a motorized wheelchair ever since. 

“They pulled the fencing and left these trenches. If they had left those up, I would not be sitting here in this chair playing computer games right now,” the quadriplegic husband and father of two said from his home in Steamboat. “It could have easily been avoided.”

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