UNC’s document-free presidential review contrary to faculty evaluations, other colleges

The Greeley Tribune: A $45,000 comprehensive assessment of University of Northern Colorado President Kay Norton’s performance was completed without documentation, a departure from surrounding universities’ practices, rules for UNC faculty evaluations and standard practice for a consultant who engages in similar work.

It has also drawn the ire of government transparency advocates around the state.

The UNC Board of Trustees characterized Norton’s 2014 evaluation, conducted by the Association of Governing Boards for Colleges and Universities, as positive in a Dec. 19 response to students’ demand that Norton be fired.

When The Tribune requested documentation of the evaluation, it was told none existed. In response to a letter from Tribune attorney Steve Zansberg, UNC counsel said no documents were generated during the performance review that lasted three months and involved the interview of 55 employees.

“They’re using it in her defense, that this evaluation happened, and it showed good things,” said Jeff Roberts, executive director of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition. “But there’s no record of that. How is anyone able to independently corroborate that?”

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