Unaffiliated? Should the party you choose in the 2018 primaries be public information?

The Colorado Independent: Next year, unaffiliated voters —the state’s largest voting bloc—for the first time will be able to help choose the Democratic or Republican nominee in a Colorado governor’s race while still remaining unaffiliated.

That’s because voters last year passed a ballot measure allowing those who choose not to join a political party to participate in the party primaries. Unaffiliated voters, however, can only pick one primary to vote in— they can’t vote in both.

And here’s something those non-party people should know: The primary they choose could become public information.

Colorado’s Republican secretary of state, Wayne Williams, is pushing for such disclosure as he develops rules to implement the new law before the 2018 statewide gubernatorial primaries. He says such transparency is about voter integrity.

“No one has a right or ability to know how you voted, but they have a right to know in what election you voted,” Williams told The Colorado Independent. “We’re not like a dictatorship where we say, ‘Trust us comrade, a lot of people voted and they didn’t vote for you, but I’m not going to tell you who those people are who voted.’”

Morgan Carroll, who leads the state Democratic Party, and Jeff Hays, who leads the state Republican party, both say they also want the ability to access the names of unaffiliated voters who voted in their primaries.

Not everyone, though, wants that information made public.

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