Thompson school board gives direction on public input policy

From the Reporter-Herald (Loveland): Wednesday’s script for the Thompson School District Board of Education meeting followed the recent pattern.

The minority members of the board asked to allow public comment at Wednesday night’s work session, alleging flagrant violations of board policy by the majority. That motion failed by a 4-3 vote, prompting one attendee to stand up and shout at Board President Bob Kerrigan, who then asked the police officer in the back of the boardroom to remove him.

At issue: The minority members said they wanted to hear from the public, and the majority wanted to wait until the entire board had an updated, clarified public comment policy with which to operate.

“I can’t even count the weeks now that we’ve wasted time talking about whether we can listen to people for 25 minutes,” member Lori Hvizda Ward said. “It disgusts me.”

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