Students sharing photos, video with media during strike say they’re getting pushback from principals

The Denver Post: Students who have been sharing photos, video and other information with local media in an effort to help document conditions inside their schools during Denver’s first teachers strike in 25 years say they’re receiving pushback from school administrators.

Toby Lichenwalter, a 17-year-old who is executive producer of East High School’s broadcast team, was called to meet with Principal John Youngquist on Tuesday after Lichenwalter filmed chaotic scenes inside the school during the first day of the teacher walkout Monday.

“He told me I can only film for personal things,” Lichenwalter said. “If I communicate with media, he can’t let me be on school property. In order to communicate with media, we had to leave our own school.”

Youngquist told The Denver Post that he did speak with East High students who had been communicating with the local media, but said students were not being told to leave school.

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