Steamboat Springs releases vague document on probe of alleged police department wrongdoing

From Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs):  A vague two-page document released by the city of Steamboat Springs on Tuesday gives the public very little information about the findings of the investigation that looked into serious accusations leveled against Police Chief Joel Rae and Deputy Chief Bob DelValle.

According to the community summary of the investigation the city released, investigator Kathy Nuanes determined the allegations that the city’s police pension plan was being financially mismanaged were unfounded.

The five other reports investigator Nuanes prepared for the city were withheld from the community summary because they involve “personnel matters.”

“These reports were completed and are being reviewed by city staff,” Nuanes wrote. “These reports are considered confidential to insure (sic) that personnel matters are handled in a thorough way, and the only way to insure (sic) that thoroughness is to ensure privacy. The need for candid, honest statements by individuals is critical to an investigation, and by knowing their comments will not be public allows that essential honesty to occur. Confidentiality also limits any discussion in order to not taint or perpetuate the issues.”

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