Steamboat Springs council will reconsider vote to not release info from police investigation

From Steamboat Today (Steamboat Springs):  Following a public outcry and a determination that a council member should not have voted on the issue last week due to a possible conflict of interest, the Steamboat Springs City Council will reconsider its vote not to release more information about an internal police investigation.

The revote on the issue will take place at the council’s next meeting Tuesday, and recent interviews with some council members suggest the council may be poised to reverse course and release more information about the probe, owing partly to recent public feedback.

Councilman Scott Ford said Tuesday night the council has recently received more than 30 emails from constituents who want the council to reconsider its vote.

Some community members have called the decision of a slim majority of the council not to seek the investigation summary a vote against government transparency.

They also have told the council that, without more information about the investigation — which led to the departures of the city’s top cops and city manager — it will be difficult for the community to move beyond the probe.

Ford said he feels the council is now hearing “loud and clear” from its constituents that doing nothing is not an option.

“I’m encouraged we’re revisiting this,” Ford said.

Council President Walter Magill also suggested the revote may result in the release of more information about the investigation, which was launched after former members of the police department accused the top police officials of creating a hostile work environment.

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