State Supreme Court chief sought to restrict media’s access to information surrounding scandal investigation

The Denver Gazette: Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright last year insisted the commission investigating allegations of judicial misconduct issue a subpoena for any information in order to prevent the media – and by extension the public – from getting access to details about the scandal inquiry, according to emails obtained by The Denver Gazette.

The push to thwart press coverage came amid what members of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline had described as a methodical effort by the Judicial Department to prevent or stall the commission’s work in investigating the scandal since it erupted in February 2021.

Boatright said “very emphatically” during a parking garage encounter with William Campbell, then the executive director of the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline, that a subpoena from the commission would take away any argument the media would have to access the information it had requested, as well as stop any possible leak that “might disrupt the process.”

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