State senator’s accusers make full workplace harassment investigations public

KUNC (Greeley): Two accusers who filed workplace harassment complaints at Colorado’s Capitol against Sen. Randy Baumgardner are now releasing the full investigative findings to the public.

The investigations from Alternative Dispute Resolution Inc. found allegations that Baumgardner, a Republican from Hot Sulphur Springs, sexually harassed people and was inappropriate to be credible. In a story on Monday (April 23), we reported on some of the key findings, involving six additional people who brought allegations as a result of the investigation.

“People should have a right to know what goes on in that building before they apply for a job,” said former intern Megan Creeden, one of Baumgardner’s two main accusers.

Under the legislature’s rules, such investigations are considered confidential, but the accusers may release them. Creeden said she hopes releasing the full investigation might spur action from Senate leadership.

Senate President Kevin Grantham is reviewing the investigations and during a press availability earlier this week declined to call for Baumgardner’s resignation. Baumgardner survived an expulsion vote on April 2 that failed mostly along party lines. The expulsion vote hinged on an earlier investigation, done by a different organization – Employers Council – that found an accuser credible, who alleged that Baumgardner grabbed and slapped her buttocks multiple times. Grantham criticized that report.

The additional findings in the two investigations below, dated March 30, were not considered during that vote. The investigator said she was giving Baumgardner more time to schedule an interview with her, which he did on April 11. The investigator then submitted a supplemental report but didn’t change her findings.

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