State daycare website was offline for months

From 9News (Denver):  Colorado parents want to know their children’s daycare centers are safe, but that got a lot harder after a state website crash last fall.

9Wants to Know has learned the Child Care Facility Search function failed in September, and a state-contracted computer programming company couldn’t fully fix it for four months.

The company, Colorado Interactive, has a contract worth $2.5 million per year to design and maintain, the statewide government internet portal. The Child Care Facility Search is one of 400 applications maintained by Colorado Interactive. Users can input their address into the search function, which locates child care providers in the neighborhood and links to their state inspection history.

“Recoding and rewriting the application is something that just takes time,” said John Conley, executive director of the State Internet Portal Authority. SIPA oversees Colorado Interactive.

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