Sondermann: Three bills Colorado can do without

Colorado Politics: When all the hollering is over and the legislative session finally adjourns, much of the post-mortem analysis will center on the major bills passed. A good deal of that focus will be appropriate, particularly with lawmakers spending newfound as well as stimulus money rather freely. If enough wise heads can come together to make real progress in improving Colorado’s deteriorating roads and transportation arterials, so much the better.

However, at the moment, it seems that such affirmative steps would be gravy. And that the most important service our elected representatives could render would be to summarily kill a number of ill-considered, unnecessary proposals that have arisen from various quarters.

Bad ideas are no stranger to legislative deliberations. That is one reason legislative leaders employ what are known as “kill committees”. But this time out, one gets the sense that too many misbegotten measures are actually gaining traction and could be on their way to mistaken passage.

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