Sixty-six stab wounds and very few answers

From 9NEWS (Denver):  Eight months after a Sterling Correctional Facility inmate was stabbed 66 times, the Colorado Department of Corrections continues to say very little about his death.

Cody Gray’s death inside Sterling Correctional on July 13, 2014 was the sixth death to happen inside the prison since early 2010. An autopsy report obtained by 9Wants to Know says Gray suffered 66 stab wounds and a fractured skull. Early on, the Colorado Department of Corrections called two other inmates “suspects,” but charges have yet to come in the case.

“He came home in a body bag. That’s a parent’s worst nightmare. You think the state is going to protect him a little bit in there,” Cody Gray’s father, Leonard Gray, said from his home in the Grand Junction area.

The day after Gray’s death, Colorado DOC Executive Director Rick Raemisch told 9Wants to Know investigator Chris Vanderveen the number of murders in Sterling Correctional warranted additional review.

“This is something we have to look at,” he said. “I don’t want just the standard investigation.”

Yet eight months after those statements, Colorado DOC has said next to nothing about its review or the death of Cody Gray.

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