Simpson: Transparency and the city

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: The Sentinel recently gave the city of Grand Junction a “B+” in its recent evaluation of the transparency of several governments in our area. As a member of the City Council, it is my belief that this grade was much too high and would like to explain my logic in reaching this conclusion. It has been a year since I was elected to the city council. During the campaign, I promised to do all I could to improve the transparency and accountability of our city government.

While small improvements have occurred, much more change can and should be made. I had hoped to convince other council members and the city manager to adopt an attitude that would result in disclosures and discussions even when state law does not mandate disclosure. Some of the decisions reached (personnel issues, contract negotiations etc.) must be addressed in executive session, but there is room for improvement in other areas. Unfortunately, I have had to deal with a strong inclination from the others to maintain the status quo. Here are some of the areas that I would like to change.

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