Sengenberger: Why won’t Tay release the full report?

Colorado Politics: Denver Public Schools Board Vice President Tay Anderson insists last year’s district investigation “cleared” him of sexual misconduct allegations. So, what is he hiding — and why won’t he disclose it himself?

Recall September 2021. The DPS board published the 96-page report it commissioned from the Investigations Law Group (ILG). After months of investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct against Anderson, ILG found that, on multiple occasions, Anderson pursued illicit relationships with underage students while a board member and a candidate for school board.

ILG’s report also determined that allegations Anderson “made unwelcome sexual comments and advances, and/or engaged in unwelcome sexual contact toward members and associates of the Never-Again Colorado Board of Directors” were mostly “admitted/substantiated.” This conduct “involved sexual commentary and sexual advances toward seven young women, and sexual contact with two of these young women…(T)hese young women did not enjoy or desire to be recipients of the behavior” (emphasis added).

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