See Boulder jail cops bust men for taking video on public sidewalk

Westword (Denver): A letter sent to Boulder’s city and county attorneys threatens a lawsuit over the at-times rough arrest of two men for recording video on a public sidewalk near the community’s jail on December 28.

Jedon Kerr and Dean Schiller were briefly detained before being released without charge.

Attorney David Lane, who represents the videographers in question and wrote the aforementioned letter, thinks there’s no way to interpret the images as anything other than proof that law enforcers screwed up in a way that’s guaranteed to cost taxpayers.

“We’ve got them on video violating the Constitution,” Lane says. “It’s a pretty cut-and-dried, slam-dunk situation.”

Kerr and Schiller are behind YouTube channels dubbed Colorado Donkey Watch and ZFG Videography. The description of the latter reads in part: “ZFG is a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge, captivating and entertaining digital media. We are a group of independent journalists and filmmakers who are prepared to push the boundaries of ‘acceptable behavior’ in order to inform and entertain the public.”

Both channels contain multiple interactions between videographers and police or sheriff’s office personnel.

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