Secretary of State Griswold announces priorities on campaign finance, voting ease

Colorado Politics: Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Thursday laid out her policy priorities — including cracking down on secret political spending — in a visit to the state Capitol.

Griswold began by lauding the work of her predecessors and other public servants in making Colorado what many contend is one of the safest places in the nation to cast a ballot.

“That every registered voter in Colorado receives a ballot in their mailbox shines in stark contrast to the voter suppression we see across the nation in places like Georgia, Florida and North Dakota,” Griswold said. “The fact that Coloradans can register to vote in person, online and on Election Day removes barriers to participation that too many of our fellow citizens confront. And Colorado holds the distinction of being one of the safest and most secure states to cast a ballot in the nation.”

But the state can do better, she said, particularly for people who are unable to visit driver’s license offices to register to vote, such as those with those with disabilities, low-income Coloradans and the elderly. Griswold suggested expanding voter registration to other state agencies, although she did not suggest which ones.

Griswold also suggested using data to cut down on the time people spend in voter lines on Election Day, and expanding voting opportunities. The later includes opening voting service centers on the Sunday prior to Election Day, expanding voting hours and requiring voting service centers on college campuses.

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