School District 49 facing lawsuits due to disruptive behavior during school board

Colorado Springs Independent: When Christine Greene thinks back to a Nov. 10, 2022, special board meeting in School District 49, she recalls frustration, chaos and disorder. 

The meeting, where the D49 Board of Education voted to censure and call for the resignation of Director Ivy Liu, was out of control, Greene says. Liu’s supporters, who fully bought into unsubstantiated claims about “left-wing indoctrination” and veiled critical race theory concepts hidden in district curriculum, shouted over the reading of the censure resolution and jeered and interrupted board members with whom they disagreed. 

They had come to defend Liu quoting Adolf Hitler in a Facebook post, where she compared social-emotional learning — school programs designed to help students develop self-control, self-awareness and interpersonal skills — to how “every murderous dictator has used children to advance their tyrannical and evil agenda,” according to a Nov. 9, 2022 statement.

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