Roberts: The law is clear that CU regents must disclose all finalists in presidential search

The Denver Post: The Board of Regents’ authority to choose the president of the University of Colorado system is not in dispute. As former CU Regent Steve Bosley reminded us in his guest column, the Colorado Constitution
vests that power in the university’s governing body.

But ensuring the regents abide by the state’s sunshine laws in no way undermines that authority as Mr. Bosley suggested. “CU’s president shouldn’t be determined by court rulings or by media demands under
catch-all calls for transparency,” he wrote in support of the board’s 5-4 decision to appeal a judge’s ruling in an open records lawsuit brought by the Boulder Daily Camera.

The open-government statutes do not direct public bodies like the Board of Regents “as to how to do their business,” Denver District Court Judge A. Bruce Jones stressed in his March 6 decision. However, the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Open Meetings Law do create enforceable duties on the regents to “disclose their business to the public.”

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