Right to record: Federal court may recognize First Amendment right to document police

Colorado Politics: It had been barely 10 seconds since Lakewood police Agent Ahmed Yehia stepped out of his patrol vehicle before things escalated.

“You got a f—in’ problem, you f—in’ goon? Get the f–k out of my f—in’ line, man,” protested Abade Irizarry, the man holding a video camera, after Yehia stopped roughly one foot in front of him and blocked Irizarry’s view of an early morning traffic stop happening yards away.

Irizarry was standing near the corner of Reed Street and West Colfax Avenue, recording two officers perform roadside sobriety maneuvers on a female motorist. He was with fellow cop watcher Eric Brandt — an agitator who received 12 years in prison last year for threatening a judge’s life — and two other amateur videographers.

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