Resolved open meetings case may not be resolved

The Roaring Fork Weekly Journal: On Oct. 5, 2016, Theodore “Ted” Guy, an architect who has since semi-retired, filed suit against the town government of Basalt for what he contended were at least four violations of Colorado’s Open Meetings Law.

Guy, who has lived in Basalt since 1978, filed the suit on behalf of an ad hoc group of anonymous citizens he refuses to identity by name.

On Dec. 2, 2018 — more than two years after the suit was filed — Eagle County District Judge Russell Granger issued a summary judgment that amounted to a split decision, where two of Guy’s assertions were upheld, while the other two were dismissed.

No one knows for certain at this point where the case will go from here.

Guy and his group, which has already incurred significant unpaid legal fees as a result of the suit, have about five weeks to determine whether to appeal the two counts that did not go their way.

The Basalt Town Council, likewise, needs to determine whether it will appeal the two counts that favored Guy.

If it gets that far, the Basalt Town Council will also have do decide how to respond if Guy’s group opts to appeal Granger’s ruling. The council could try to settle, or it could fight the appeal.

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