Report: School districts fail to comply with transparency law

The Greeley Tribune:  More than 40 percent of Colorado school districts leave their residents out of the loop and appear to be in violation of a 2-year-old state law, according to an investigation by Colorado Ethics Watch, a left-leaning research and advocacy nonprofit.

The group researched 177 Colorado school districts, looking at school board websites to see if the boards were in compliance with a 2014 law that requires districts to post meeting minutes within 10 days of those minutes being approved, according to Colorado Ethics Watch.

The law took effect June 2014, but the group looked at a period from January-July 2016 for its research.

Meeting minutes are a summary of what transpired during a meeting, and school boards typically approve minutes at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

Colorado Ethics Watch found 101 of the 177 districts were in compliance, including Greeley-Evans School District 6.

“We’re pleased that so many school districts are in full compliance, but the percentage is still too low,” Colorado Ethics Watch Executive Director Luis Toro said in a news release.

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