Report: Complaint about Weld Co. Commissioner Sean Conway sent to news outlets by Conway

The Greeley Tribune: Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway, in a possible “self-serving” effort to discredit his fellow commissioners, leaked a complaint against himself to two media outlets, according to a Mountain States Employers Council investigation.

The investigative report, posted as part of the Board of Weld County Commissioners’ Monday agenda packet, centers on whether Conway released a complaint filed by an employee after a Nov. 23, 2016, incident, and whether Conway did it as an act of retaliation against the employee who filed the complaint.

Although the investigator, Lori Karl, did not determine the release of the complaint was an act of retaliation, she did conclude “more likely than not” that Conway had released the initial complaint to Complete Colorado, a Denver-based online news organization, and The Greeley Tribune.

“Commissioner Conway may have been motivated to leak (employee’s) complaint to the media so he could claim, as stated in the Complete Colorado article, that (the employee’s) complaint was ‘filed at the request of the commissioners’ who have ‘proved determined to retaliate against him’ for allegedly exposing things that ‘are not only unethical, but borderline illegal,'” Karl said in the report.

The complaint Conway is said to have released alleged that he yelled and cursed at the employee during a phone call, and it was one of several complaints detailed in a separate, 150-plus-page investigative report also compiled by Mountain States Employers Council.

The Tribune eventually obtained that report, and more, after a Weld District Court judge found the previous Mountain States investigation to be a matter of public record following a Tribune open records request.

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