Records at issue in ‘reverse’ CORA lawsuit show employees rebuked for working too much

Ouray County Plaindealer: Ouray County’s public health director and emergency manager were disciplined and put on a performance improvement plan for working too many hours during the pandemic, according to records they provided to the Plaindealer after the county asked a judge to keep them private.

The records show County Administrator Connie Hunt instructed Tanner Kingery and Glenn Boyd to “adhere to a 40-hour work week from this point forward for risk management purposes and for County liability purposes.” This was documented in an improvement plan, which was signed by Hunt, Kingery, Boyd and Human Resources Director Sherry Peck on Dec. 28. Such improvement plans are commonly used by managers to address and document deficiencies in work performance for employees who do not meet expectations.

The disciplinary action came just over a week before Hunt said at a Joint Policy Group meeting that she had curtailed Kingery’s and Boyd’s hours and instructed them to not work overtime without prior approval. At that meeting and in a subsequent interview, she repeatedly described the situation as a “personnel issue,” declining to provide further details.

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