Record of Gov. Hickenlooper’s first six months lost in computer

From The Coloradoan (Fort Collins):  History’s recollection of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s legacy remains to be written, but it’s certain to have some gaps.

A technological crash swallowed the calendar entries from Hickenlooper’s first eight months in office.

“A server crash in 2011 caused information to be erased from the Governor’s calendar for the days of January 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011,” Ben Figa, deputy legal counsel to the governor, wrote in response to a request for copies of the entries.

All that remains of the governor’s calendar from that time are his standing daily appointments — meetings with cabinet members and an hourlong meeting each evening that remains a mystery because details were redacted.

The governor’s calendar is subject to public inspection under the Colorado Open Records Act. Exceptions in the law allow record custodians to withhold personal appointments and details of security arrangements.

“Some personal information is kept on the calendar to help avoid conflicts when scheduling other events,” Figa said.

From a historical perspective, Hickenlooper’s lost calendar entries cast a pall of mystery over an important chapter in his administration, particularly for biographers.

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