Raehal: Colorado journalists matter every day

Colorado Press Association: When I first started to read the comments, I admit, I was disappointed.

“There is no such thing as journalism,” was a common posting. Another was, “All news is fake news.”

It seemed to fill the feed of our social media outlets as we promoted the inaugural Colorado Journalism Week, which was April 16-22.

That was not the goal, or at least not the response, we had hoped for when we first began working on the project, which the Colorado Press Association worked in partnership with the Colorado Broadcasters Association and Colorado Media Alliance.

No, our goal was to celebrate and honor the hard work and ideals of Colorado’s working press. And at first blush, I wondered if all we did was give ammunition to an anti-media, anti-journalism environment.

Nearly 60 percent of the comments were critical of journalism and media. But those comments came from a handful of people.

Perhaps they were the proverbial “trolls” on the internet looking for confrontation. I hope not. I prefer to believe they are people who will be willing to discuss the state of the industry to move it forward as well as protect our democracy.

Because it’s a dangerous place in which the only truth we have is the truth we already believe.

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