Providing transparency: Boulder County law enforcement agencies spend thousands for body-worn cameras ahead of state mandate

Boulder Daily Camera: Before taking off for her day shift, Samantha Calvetti makes sure the battery in her body-worn camera is fully charged and that it is activated prior to leaving the parking lot at Longmont Police Department.

The small black camera pinned to the center of Calvetti’s chest goes everywhere she does and records every interaction she has. At first, it was difficult to remember to activate it at the beginning of every shift, but now it’s part of her everyday routine.

“At first I think I was a little nervous just because it’s new, but almost immediately I was like, ‘This is great,’” she said. “They’re a great tool for investigations for court purposes. I think a lot of people who are visual learners like to see what’s happening. For court, when an intoxicated party literally spills out of the car you can show that and (say), ‘Look at this person.’”

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