The pros and cons of making an unaffiliated voter’s ballot choice a public record

9NEWS: Unaffiliated voters in Colorado will be able to pick a party primary and participate next year if they want. Voters decided that in November. But know that your choice of party, and journalists’, will be public record.

We got some smart people together to talk about that: Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams, the spokesman for the Denver Clerk and Recorder – Democrat Debra Johnson – Alton Dillard, and Corey Hutchins with Colorado Independent.

Williams supports the idea, saying you need to keep track of who votes to make sure it lines up with the number of votes. He adds that people shouldn’t take primary votes as a party affiliation.

Hutchins says he’s spoken to journalists, who often try to to maintain an unbiased appearance; they want to participate as unaffiliated voters, but won’t because they don’t want their votes publicized, which could therefore be interpreted as picking a party.

Dillard fears that the new process will create a new layer of confusion.

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