Proposed bill revives state treasurer’s demands for access to PERA records

Denver Business Journal: Colorado lawmakers are making an effort to revive the state treasurer’s demands for unfettered access to all records of the state’s largest pension plan.

House Bill 17-1114, sponsored by Rep. Justin Everett, R-Littleton, and Sen. Jake Tate, R-Centennial, would give the state treasurer access to any information kept by the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA).

At issue is the state treasurer’s requests for information from the executives at PERA, a state employee pension plan with 547,357 members. The Colorado courts have shut down the request in the past.

By law, the state treasurer is a member of PERA’s board of trustees. According to the bill, any one of the 15 board members can request information from PERA. However, the governance manual also includes limitations on the nature of the requests for information.

The bill would authorize the state treasurer, in his or her role as a board member, to review all records or information within the custody and control of PERA.

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