Polis: The free press is essential in this time of crisis

The Denver Gazette: Over the last six months, life in Colorado and around the world has dramatically changed. It has been six months since I stood with public health and safety officials to announce Colorado’s first presumptive positive case of the deadly COVID-19 which has cost the lives of over 1,900 of our fellow Coloradans. Since then, scientists across the world have continued learning more about the deadly virus as we use the latest data to prioritize the health and safety of Coloradans while mitigating the impacts of the global pandemic to our economy and bouncing back stronger than before.

Sharing scientific information and spreading the word about important safety efforts from mask-wearing to washing your hands to avoiding large gatherings has been a key part of why Colorado has been successful in managing this virus while leading the way as one of the first states to re-open, and we could not have done that without a professional, independent press keeping Coloradans informed and debunking false information. They have been working night and day to make sure that Coloradans across our state have the latest information.

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