Peters: Who needs meddling reporters?

The Greeley Tribune: Well, it’s about time someone did something about those darn reporters!

It came out in a Colorado online magazine this week about a secret meeting some of our state leaders had in Denver, where they decided they want to add a 1 percent tax for us, so we can pay off the road, street and highway repairs.

We don’t know which politicians attended the secret meeting, because they won’t tell us. It’s a secret.

Someone found out the Former Greeley Mayor was on the phone at the meeting, so a reporter asked him about it.

Our former Mayor, Tom Norton, was invited to listen in and participate in the secret meeting because he was once the Director of the Colorado Department of Transportation. He also was our mayor at the time.

Anyway, because it was a secret meeting, nobody wanted to talk about it after the meeting, and the press wasn’t invited. When asked about it, this is what our former mayor said, according to Colorado Politics:

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