Perry: Rep. Tom Sullivan’s insight on tragedy and local newspapers makes a case for backing

Aurora Sentinel: No one in Colorado has made a better case for how critical newspapers are than state Rep. Tom Sullivan did at the state Capitol last week.

If you don’t know Tom, you know his story. The entire world knows the story of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting.

Tom is among those who know what the rest of us pray we never have to. Tom knows what it’s like to have family or friends killed in a mass shooting.

His son, Alex, was among those gunned down by James Holmes during the now infamous summer-night screening of a Batman movie. 

I’ve been a journalist for a long time. Trust me when I tell you how important yet dangerous it is in my profession to become immersed in what we write about. Like my peers, the scars from stories run deep no matter how hard you work to wall off being saturated with the worst things that happen in the world.

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