Perry: More Aurora police propaganda in officer-involved deaths points to slip-ups or cover-ups

Aurora Sentinel: In case the rest of Colorado hasn’t noticed, we have a serious police problem here in Aurora.

A string of worrisome gaffes in providing public information about incidents where Aurora police are involved in the death or injury of people they encounter went way over the top last week.

Without notice, Aurora police released another docu-drama Thursday night. This time, Deputy Chief Paul O’Keefe relays a scripted, edited, video account of how an Aurora cop, standing in a man’s front yard near midnight, shot the man in the back while he was standing inside his living room.

Rather than answer questions from the media, this is the second time police have created propaganda videos. The intent is clear. Police create these in an effort to spin a story to their advantage in cases where the public was wounded or killed.

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