Owners of Granby Ranch ban elected officials, homeowners from accessing amenities, restaurants and ‘sidewalks, patios and lawns’

The Colorado Sun: The owners of Granby Ranch are again banning elected members of the homeowner metro district from accessing the ski area, the golf course, trails, fishing areas and all restaurants.

In letters sent by the lawyer who represents Granby Ranch owners Bob and David Glarner, the homeowners — members of the homeowner-run Granby Ranch Metro District and their spouses —were told they could not access any of the resort’s amenities, including “sidewalks, patios and lawns.” 

“I can confirm that in December, my wife and I received a letter that purports to exclude us from most of the resort, including areas where the general public can go, but does not specify why,” Matt Girard, the president of the Granby Ranch Metro District, said in an emailed statement regarding the letters sent from David Richardson at law firm Husch Blackwell to him and his wife in December. 

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