Owners charged $11,500 for documents in Glendale eminent domain fight

From Westword (Denver):  The Glendale landowners who are fighting the city’s authorization of eminent domain say city officials continue to make things difficult for them. The latest? A $11,500 charge for a Colorado Open Records Act request that the Kholghy family says yielded very little useful information. Instead, much of what the city gave them includes old building plans, plumbing manuals, outdated fire inspection reports and documents from long-settled lawsuits, including one over water rights from 1972.

But Glendale deputy city manager Linda Cassaday says the city had no choice. The family’s CORA request was “really broad,” she explains.

“They asked for everything,” Cassaday says, “which means we have to give them everything.”

The Kholghy family owns Authentic Persian and Oriental Rugs, a shop on Colorado Boulevard near the corner of Virginia Avenue. They also own 5.4 acres of land under and around the shop. Their land is part of the 22 acres along Cherry Creek that the city plans to turn into an entertainment and dining district called Glendale 180. For years, family members say they worked with the city to develop the land together. But now they’re afraid the city will take their land by eminent domain.

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