Opinion: Trump’s disregard for the press, like Clinton’s, is dangerous

The Denver Post: One of the best lines I read during the presidential campaign was Charles Krauthammer’s observation that we’d entered an alternate universe where “facts don’t matter, history and logic have disappeared.”

The observation is worth considering as we watch whether President-elect Donald Trump, who so far has flouted many traditions regarding media access, will end the longstanding tradition of the White House press pool.

After all, Trump’s surreal victory depended somewhat on criticism of Hillary Clinton’s arrogant decision to set up a private e-mail server to avoid public scrutiny.

No, ditching the White House press pool to go to dinner at the “21” Club, as Trump and his entourage did last week, might not sound like much to get upset about. Granted.

But Trump’s demonization and treatment of the press does concern. And it should be a concern even for those who share the president-elect’s criticism of the fourth estate.

Here are two reasons why.

The decades-long tradition of the White House press pool works by allowing reporters from a range of news organizations to cycle in and out of the daily coverage of the president. Reporters and photographers are given special access in exchange for filing reports that any other outlet can use.

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