Opinion: Transparency eliminates any doubt of intent

Delta County Independent: Talk about a tangled web. The Delta County School District seemingly hasn’t been able to get out of its own way when it came to making a decision about the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education curriculum. At the end of the day, I believe they came to the correct decision which was clearly and succinctly articulated by School Board Member Linda Ewing during the June 17 board meeting.

But let’s be clear here, the latest controversy has little or nothing to do with the CHSE curriculum but more about the way it was communicated to the public. Vague language on the agenda for the May 20 board meeting for a vote on a resolution to not pursue Senate bill 19-1032 recommendations in regards to curriculum to be compliant. The decision to proceed as is with the state academic standards seemingly was predetermined in a previous executive session only the final language of the resolution was in question and put to bed just hours before the board meeting.

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