Opinion: Public officials are using privacy concerns to trample on your right to know

WyoFile: The public has the right to know about protected Colorado wolves killed legally by hunters when they cross the Wyoming state border, but officials here are blatantly using a 2012 state law as a feeble excuse to keep all information secret.

WyoFile’s recent reporting on the controversial practice is just one example of how some government agencies abuse the public records system to keep us in the dark about vital matters. Cases involving a wrongful death lawsuit settlement, students, juvenile inmates and even alleged sex crimes are other examples of how Wyoming public officials have attempted to hide facts under the guise of protecting personal privacy.

In the wolf-killing controversy, Wyoming residents aren’t the only ones whose rights under the state’s Public Records Act have been clearly violated by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Incredibly, even Colorado officials who manage wildlife haven’t been provided any details of the alleged incidents by their Wyoming counterparts.

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