Opinion: Judicial misconduct is kept behind a veil

Colorado Politics: Not every interesting public issue originates from the chambers of the Capitol or City Hall. A lot of the more intriguing ones are found among the typically dry prose of the judicial system.

One of those which caught the attention of several folks in the state surrounds a legal battle being fought against a private career college, CollegeAmerica. There are some digestible issues concerning the merits of the case, but the more compelling bits concern the judge’s administration of it.

The whole mess in question started way back in 2012 and apparently generated a small forest worth of legal paperwork, but the salient datum is that final arguments were submitted back in 2017, and the judge only rendered a decision last Dec. 2 — three years later. This prompted a complaint from the defendants to the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline (CCJD) asking it to rule on the judge’s lethargy. Which it did, evidently issuing the leisurely judge a private reprimand which no one can see.

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