Opinion: Half the information doesn’t help voters

From The Colorado Statesman:  By Steve Fenberg If you only knew how much your new car was going to cost, but not what kind of car or the quality of the car, would you go ahead and make the purchase? Most people would not consider that kind of transaction.

That’s exactly what supporters of HB 15-1057 that would require a “fiscal note” or the estimated cost of a proposed ballot question to be on circulated petitions. They refer to this as “transparency” and more information! But there will be no mention of the long-term benefits of petition proposals.

There is no doubt the more informed Colorado voters are, the better choices they are able to make. Giving them only part of the picture does not help make informed decisions.

If there is a question on the ballot to fund full-day kindergarten for all Colorado children, there should also be a statement of its long-term benefits to our economy and communities. If we ask voters to approve taxes to pay for wildfire and flood emergencies, then it should explain how that helps businesses, families and our economy.

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