Opinion: Building a better Colorado begins with trust in one another – and in trustworthy local news

Colorado Media Project: It is one of the great paradoxes of our time. Never in the history of the world have people had more access to information. At the same time, never has there been more uncertainty and less trust in the information available. Yet in a sea of spin, misinformation and outright manipulation, people still seek trust and find empathy in their neighbors.

That is why local journalists matter now more than ever. Through the isolation of 2020, they have provided a vital service to Colorado communities by keeping us connected and informed. Local journalists are our neighbors who risked their own lives to put faces and voices and stories to the thousands of Coloradans lost to COVID. They have held a mirror to our communities through a new season of racial protest that has challenged powerful institutions – including the media itself – to address systemic racism. They have asked tough questions of those running for elected office. And they have helped us sort through difficult decisions at the ballot box that will have far-reaching impacts on the future of our state.

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