Objecting to secret meetings, Colo. Springs councilwoman wants ‘full trial’ on accusations

From The Gazette (Colorado Springs):  City Councilwoman Helen Collins has officially requested a “full trial” before the council on three ethics accusations her fellow council members brought against her.

Collins’ response was swift after the council officially notified her last week of the action against her, taken June 9 during a council meeting she attended.

She had 10 business days in which to respond, but did so Sunday, more than a week before her deadline.

Council President Merv Bennett, to whom she addressed her request, said he had read Collins’ email and will respond after he speaks with the city attorney. Bennett was at a hospital for his daughter’s surgery Monday.

In her letter, Collins objects to the council’s “secret meetings in intentional violation of the state Open Meetings Law.” The Gazette reported Sunday that the meetings violated that law, according to the president of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, attorney Steven D. Zansberg.

Collins asks that the full council conduct the evidentiary hearing in open, recorded public sessions.

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