Noonan: New transparency rules could be a game changer for lobbyists at the Capitol

Colorado Politics: The draft rules for the 2019 Lobbyist Transparency Act are out.  The muddle deepens. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Mike Weissman with help from Common Cause, increases reporting by lobbyists on potential and actual bills, according to the draft language produced by the Secretary of State’s Office. That’s where bill drafting confidentiality desired by legislators may conflict with public transparency.

The new rules offer this definition of legislation: “ ‘LEGISLATION’ MEANS ANY BILL, RESOLUTION, AMENDMENT, NOMINATION, REPORT, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WHETHER OR NOT IN WRITING, PENDING, OR PROPOSED FOR CONSIDERATION BY EITHER HOUSE OR COMMITTEE OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, WHETHER OR NOT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY IS IN SESSION.” This language seemingly requires lobbyists to treat potential bills in conceptual stage or the earliest drafting phases as legislation that may require lobby reporting.

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