No more closed doors at Tri-State G&T

Mountain Town News: Depending upon who was speaking during recent legislative hearings, Colorado’s electrical cooperatives and Tri-State Generation and Transmission are either shining monuments of democracy or darkened corridors prone to skullduggery.

The bill in question, HB21-131, “Cooperative Electric Associations Governance Requirements,” sailed through key legislative committees in both the House and Senate with near unanimous votes. The only significant opposition was in the House, where half of Republicans opposed it. It got unanimous Democratic support. In the Senate, only 2 Republican senators voted against it.

The bill had bi-partisan sponsors. Singing the virtues of their bill to the House Energy Environment committee on March 10, were Rep. Judy Amabile, a Democrat from Boulder whose district also includes Grand and two other counties, and Rep. Marc Catlin, a Republican from Montrose. Both emphasized transparency.

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