Newly elected member questions legality of school board executive session

The Pueblo Chieftain: A Pueblo City Schools (D60) special meeting Monday left board member-elects Dennis Maes and Taylor Voss feeling a bit left out.

With Maes eventually questioning its legality.

As is the case for all D60 meetings and work sessions, information about assemblies — in this instance a board retreat with no formal agenda — can be accessed through the official D60 website by clicking a yellow-highlighted number on a virtual calendar.

n the case of Monday’s special meeting, “13.”

(While The Pueblo Chieftain received email notification about the meeting on Nov. 10, notices of retreat are rarely published due to the informal nature of such gatherings and the fact no policy is ever enacted).

Until late Monday morning, however, Maes said he was unaware of the special meeting/retreat and felt that as an incoming board member, he should have been afforded the courtesy of notification — especially if the retreat was to touch on long-term planning or policy.

Maes then alerted Voss and the two electees showed up in board chambers shortly before 2 p.m.

There, he spoke with Board Vice President Barb Clementi and asked if he would be given the opportunity to address the board with his concerns.

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